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Assos Zegho Amplify Eyewear
The Zegho Amplify from Assos is high-performance eyewear, produced in collaboration with Carl Zeiss optics, and featuring revolutionary lens technology and an outstanding fit, enabling you to keep pace with changing light. - Zero Optimal Distortion zOd.Tec lens allows you to see the road as it is, rather than masking hidden dangers like surface water - Tunnel Vision, TV 2/3rds dark-to-clear lens allows you to ride on confidently in fast-changing and low-light conditions such as into shade or a tunnel - Polyamide lens is flexible, durable and best-in-class on weight - AEPD ClickFace, Zegho lens curves to match human facial structure, offering maximum protection around the eyes - Rei-Pel, Carl Zeiss coating is anti-smudge, anti-static, offering hydrophobic, oleophobic and chemical resistance - Yellow G2016 high-contrast tint lens offers 80-100% light transmission - 100% UV-A, UV-B protection - Lightweight, flexible Zeropressure arms extend past your ears for a secure fit - Flexible clickFace nosepiece adheres to skin even when sweating - At just 27.5g the glasses feel barely there
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