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Toga Gotham Lifetime Service Agreement

Toga Gotham Lifetime Service Agreement
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Limited Quantity. Call to Confirm.


Is your bike missing that coveted Toga & Gotham bikes sticker because you purchased your bike somewhere else? For a $200 you can purchase our legendary lifetime service agreement and take advantage of our free and discounted tune ups! It pays for itself within 3 tune ups!

Tune-Up: Free

* Adjust gears/brakes/headset/bottom bracket
* wipe down/Lube chain/derailleur pivot points
* Light Frame Cleaning

Tune-Up Deluxe: $75 ($130 Bikes purchased at other shops)

* All the Above
* Drivetrain dip
* Wheel Truing
* Bottom Bracket Adjustment
* Headset Adjustment
* Handlebar re-tape if necessary*
* Hub Adjustment (not re-pack)
* Complete Frame Cleaning and Application of Bike Lust
* Cable Replacement (Not Housing)*
* Any items removed for cleaning (derailleurs, crankset, etc..) can be replaced at no additional installation charge*

Tune-Up Pro: $180 ($240 Bikes purchased at other shops)

* All the Above
* Complete tear down and cleaning of frame
* Cable and Housing Replacement (Price includes Dura-Ace cableset. Campy and XTR are $20 extra. Other brands of cable and housing should cost the retail value minus $40)
* All non-sealed bearings are cleaned and re-packed (sealed bearing can be replaced at no additional labor charge)*
* Any components needing replacement are done at no additional labor*

Stop in at one of our locations to sign up or sign up online!

We can mail you a sticker that you can apply to your bike or you can visit one our locations with a copy of your invoice to procure a Toga/Gotham sticker for your bicycle(s)!

* Parts not included.
** The Lifetime Service agreement covers one bike. If you're a former Cadence NY customer we've got you covered.