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Bike Rentals - Toga Bike Shop - New York

Rent a bike from our fleet and enjoy your day! 

Our fleet of rental bikes is comprised mostly of hybrids. We do have a select few road and triathlon bikes for rent too. Make sure you call ahead to check availability. Bike rentals are available on a first-come, first-served basis. You may also want to plan ahead and reserve a bike during special events such as Bike NY, Grand Fondo New York, The Five Boro Bike Tour and the NYC Tri. Those events are busy rental periods, so you definitely want to call and reserve ahead

What is provided?

Helmets and flat pedals are free with rental. You are welcome to bring your own pedals. 

What to bring?

We do not rent cycling shoes. Please bring the shoes you choose to ride in. Bring any items that might make your riding experience better (saddle, cycling shorts, cycling computer, front or rear hydration systems).

What to expect?

We will do a quick sizing. If you have measurements, please bring these with you. We will do our best to fit you as accurately as possible. In some circumstances, bike design and component confirmation limit our ability to fit precisely. In this case, some adaptation on your behalf will be needed. When making a reservation, understand that our bikes are subject to change. We guarantee a comparable size and quality of bike that was requested in your reservation. For the most part, the specification (components) of these bikes are as they were, when received from the manufacturer. If you have desire to know about the configuration of these bikes, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

How are rates calculated?

Rentals are charged in 24 hours segments. Example: If you pick a bike up at noon Monday and return it prior to noon on the following Tuesday, that is a 1-day rental. If you return that same bike afternoon on Tuesday, the rental now becomes a 2-day rental.

Every rider will need to sign a waiver for all rentals, acknowledging that you are responsible for any theft or damages to the bike. Due to rental policy, all renters will be charged for the bike in full, and we will refund the difference of the bike rental at the end of the day.

*Photo Shoot Rentals* 

We frequently get requests from production companies, movie studios, stylists, photographers, event planners and media coordinators to provide rental bikes for temporary use. We do require a deposit and waiver form. Please contact us by phone and a store manager will help arrange the details for your event or production.