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IceToolz Nipple Wrench For Deep Rims
- Nipple Wrench for Deep Rims - The V-spring grabs the nipple to screw on deep rims to prevent the nipple from dropping. - With depth control function to release the nipple after 3~4 mm on the spoke. - Also can use with 1/4" electric screwdriver.
IceToolz Cassette Removal Tools
- Made of Cr-V steel - To be used with 1/2" driver
IceToolz Universal Bleed Kit
- Universal bleed kit includes two updated syringes two bleed tubes an adapter to ensure tight fit between tubes and syringes a 8/10mm wrench releasable zip tie to fix tubes on calipers disposable gloves and multiple fittings - Kit will service SRAM Form
IceToolz Spoke Wrench Stainless Steel
- Stainless steel spoke tool for 3.45mm/80ga./0.136 nipples - Ergonomic design for high tension spokes - Blister packed for POP sales
IceToolz Coated Spoke Wrench 0.138
- Plastic-coated CrMo steel construction - Color-coded for easy identification - Wider wing designed for higher torque capability
IceToolz Coated Spoke Wrench 0.129
- Plastic-coated CrMo steel construction - Color-coded for easy identification - Wider wing designed for higher torque capability
IceToolz Disc Brake Piston And Pad Alignment Tool
- Disc Brake Piston and Pad Alignment Tool - Reposition pistons or help align disc pads with this easy to use tool.  - It's made of Cr-Mo steel with a comfortable and oversize rubber handle for a great grip.
IceToolz Ocarina Torque Wrench Set
- Ocarina Torque Wrench Set It's lightweight and smart design. - Tightening force to the correct torque easily, no need to set up the tool between various torque, for 3~10N?m rating. - The ergonomic handle holds 3/4/5/6mm hex keys and T-25 in one tool. - Ideal for all mechanics and avid riders.
IceToolz Hydraulic Hose Cutter
- Cleanly cuts stainless steel braided and Kevlar hose without deforming inner tubing - Includes one spare blade
IceToolz Portable 5-12 Speed Chain Tool
- Designed to be used trail or road side - Features a thumb protector chain hook and storage compartment to keep spare links or pins
IceToolz Suntour 2- Notch Freewheel Remover
- Made of Cr-V steel - To be used with 1/2 driver
IceToolz Shimano STEPS Lockring Tool
- Chainring mounting tool compatible with Shimano SM-CR80 STEPS - Also compatible with FSA spiders
IceToolz Headset Cup Remover
- For removal of 1-1/8" headset cups
IceToolz Quartet Wrench
- Four-sided wrench includes 4/5/6/8mm hex keys - Vinyl-coated handle for added comfort
IceToolz Crank Tool with Handle
- JIS/ISIS/Octalink crank tool with durable handle
IceToolz Star Nut Installation Tool
- Compatible with 1 1-1/8 and 1-1/2 fork steerers
IceToolz The Wat Seat Tube Sizing Gauge
- Easily determine seat tube size - Measures from 24mm to 31.8mm
IceToolz Bottom Bracket Bearing Press Tool
- Compatible with BB30 BB86 BB92 and BB386
IceToolz Press-Fit Bottom Bracket Removal Tool
- Two different sizes available for bottom bracket bearings with an internal diameter between 24mm and 30mm and 46mm
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