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Batdorf & Bronson Omar's Organic Blend 1lbs

Batdorf & Bronson Omar's Organic Blend 1lbs
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Organic/Fair Trade/Relationship/Shade Grown
One of coffee’s most enduring legends is that of Omar, a 13th Century physician and Sufi mystic, who was reputedly the first person to prepare coffee as a beverage. The traditional story maintains he was exiled from his homeland and wandered through the wilderness in search of nourishment. Finding nothing to eat except wild coffee cherries, he boiled them and drank the resultant brew. The restorative properties of this elixir began to be known far and wide and Omar was acclaimed as a great sage and healer. Omar’s Organic Blend is a dark blend, full of molasses, chocolate and cherry flavors, a softened acidity and a luxurious velvety body.